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Custom packaging, custom printed and custom-made plastic bags are our specialties. Count on Flexible Packaging to give you personal service when it comes to your plastic bag needs. You will find our service friendly and focused on meeting your plastic bag needs. Give us a call or send us an email and we do all the rest.

The following bags, covers, and tubing are available as custom options such as of plastics and transparencies, shapes sizes, and colors. We can also print your logo, an image message, or text on the bags of your choice.

Let us show you why we are known as the best in the industry and make us your go-to company for purchasing bulk custom packaging, bags, and other items for your business’s needs. Call us today for a free estimate and let us begin a long-standing relationship for all of your business or custom packaging needs!

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Let Flexible Packaging help bring your ideas to life and create the perfect bags or covers for your unique needs. We will then create a prototype, test it and provide you a sample for your approval. For additional information, options, special coatings or additives available, please call 1-800-353-9125, we’re happy to help!

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