Custom Printed Shrink Pallet Covers

Custom Printed Shrink Pallet Covers Wholesale Distributors

Wooden pallets are useful tools in the building, storing and shipping industries. Why not take advantage of a marketing opportunity with custom shrink pallet covers? Talk to our printed shrink pallet covers wholesale distributors about designing the right one to display your company image. We want to help you succeed.

Our Promise to Our Customers

We work hard to keep our customers satisfied. We take the time to listen to our customers’ needs and develop a product based on that. When you are looking into custom shrink pallet covers you can expect:

  • New Advertising Opportunities – By having your company name, logo or image printed on a pallet cover you increase your brand visibility, no matter where your product is. You are keeping your products and assets protected while also using the space for advertising.
  • Custom Styles – Multiple colors are available for printing with variations for front and back sides, with the opportunity to print a logo or image. You can also choose the size and shape best for your personalized covers. Talk to one of our specialists about your ideas.
  • Increased Savings – When you increase your order for printed shrink pallet covers we can offer you deeper discounts. We work hard to pass along savings to our customers and finding solutions that fit within your company budget.

Talk to an associate about sending sample products as well. We can send you a sample piece for you to see and feel the high quality and durability of our products.

Contact Our Team TODAY!

Get in touch with a representative from our printed shrink pallet covers wholesale distributors team about increasing your marketing potential. With custom shrink pallet covers your products carry your name from storage to delivery. Have some ideas for a pallet cover? Call today and let’s get started.