Custom Printed Laboratory Bags

Why Use Custom Laboratory Bags?

By having your laboratory’s name, contact information and logo on your bags, you help ensure that biopsies and other specimens that need to be returned make it back to your lab and not another one. They also provide easy identification in case anyone in your supply line needs to contact you about a sample.

They do more than that. Printed laboratory bags help increase your visibility among your customers and those who work with your specimens.

Custom Laboratory Bags for All of Your Needs

Our custom laboratory bags distributors can meet your needs for:

  • Specimen transport bags
  • Biohazard/infectious waste bags
  • Disposal bags
  • Storage bags

We offer specimen bags with leak-proof seals that are reinforced so that liquid does not get out during transport.

Our biohazard/infection waste bags include all OSHA-required markings. Our autoclavable bags have a patch that darkens when sterile.

All specimen and biohazard custom laboratory bags:

  • Are made from low polyethylene
  • Include an outer pocket to keep documentation separate and protected from leakage during transport
  • Come in clear as well as amber for transporting light-sensitive samples

Our printed laboratory bags wholesale distributors provide quality bags at competitive prices. We also offer rush shipping as well as automatic reordering. That means that your lab never has to run out of bags for storage, transport or waste disposal again.

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