Plain Heavy-Duty Ice Bags With Side Gusset And EVA

Perfect for ice bag and cold storage applications, these Heavy-Duty Ice Bags with Gusset and EVA have a higher impact strength, high clarity, and excellent durability. These bags are gusseted for larger capacities and meet FDA requirements for food contact. Twist ties are sold separately.

Ice Bag Selections

Printed Ice Bags With EVA And Cotton Drawstring

Printed Flat Ice Bags with EVA and Twist Ties

Plain Flat Ice Bags With EVA

Plain Heavy-Duty Flat Ice Bags with Gusset and EVA

Item No. Size Mil Weight Quantity Capacity
FP116-4-01A 8" x 3"X 20" .002 30.0 Lbs./Cs. 1,000 Bags/Cs. 8 lbs.
FP116-4-05A 8" X 4" X 22" .002 36.0 Lbs./Cs. 1,000 Bags/Cs. 10 lbs.
FP116-4-07A 14" X 4" X 26" .00225 18.5.0 Lbs./Cs. 250 Bags/Cs. 20 lbs.
FP116-5-01A 18" X 4" X 36" .003 32.5.0 Lbs./Cs. 200 Bags/Cs. 50 lbs.


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