Plain Heavy-Duty Flat Ice Bags With Gusset And EVA

Perfect for ice bag and cold storage applications, these Heavy-Duty Flat Ice Bags have a higher impact strength, high clarity and excellent durability. These bags are gusseted for larger capacities and meet FDA requirements for food contact. Twist ties sold separately.

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Plain Heavy-Duty Flat Ice Bags with Gusset and EVA
Item No. Size Mil Weight Quantity Capacity
FP4985L 6" x 3" x 18" .002 21.0 Lbs./Cs. 1,000 Bags/Cs. 5 lbs.
FP4990L 8" x 3" x 20" .002 28.0 Lbs./Cs. 1,000 Bags/Cs. 8 lbs.
FP4995L 8" x 4" x 22" .0025 41.0 Lbs./Cs. 1,000 Bags/Cs. 10 lbs.
FP5000L 18" x 36" .003 31.0 Lbs./Cs. 250 Bags/Cs. 50 lbs


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