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Printed Flat Ice Bags with EVA and Twist Ties

Pre-printed with “Pure Ice” Polar Bear design or the “Crystal Ice” Dog design, our flat ice bags come with plastic twist ties for secure closure. These ice bags have an additive called ethyl vinyl acetate in the polyethylene base. The purpose of this additive is to increase the puncture-resistance and strength of the bag when in freezing temperatures.
Please view our chart below to find your size bags. Need custom printing? Please contact us or call 1-800-353-9125. Click here to view our other options of available ice bags.

Printed Flat Ice Bags with EVA and Twist Ties

Item No. Size Mil Weight Quantity Description Capacity
FP9X18-5H 9" x 18" .0015 16.0 Lbs./Cs. 1,000 Bags/Cs. Polar Bear 5 lbs.
FP10X20-8H 10" x 20" .0015 21.0 Lbs./Cs. 1,000 Bags/Cs. Dog 8 lbs.
FP11X22-10H 11" x 22" .0015 24.0 Lbs./Cs. 1,000 Bags/Cs. Dog 10 lbs.
FP14X28-20H 14" x 28" .0018 27.0 Lbs./Cs. 500 Bags/Cs. Polar Bear 20 lbs.


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