Plain Flat Ice Bags With EVA

The additive in these flat plain ice bags increases the clarity and strength while reducing puncture resistance and brittleness at low temperatures. Bags meet FDA and USDA requirements for food contact. Twist ties are sold separately.

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Plain Flat Ice Bags with EVA
Item No. Size Mil Weight Quantity Capacity
FP10X20-8-H 10" x 20" .0015 19.0 Lbs./Cs. 1,000 Bags/Cs. 8 lbs.
FP11X22-10-H 11" x 22" .0015 24.0 Lbs./Cs. 1,000 Bags/Cs. 10 lbs.
FP13X28-20-H 13" x 28" .0025 27.0 Lbs./Cs. 500 Bags/Cs. 20 lbs.
FP18X36-50-H 18" x 36" .003 32.4 Lbs./Cs. 250 Bags/Cs. 50 lbs.


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