Customizable Printed Child-Resistant Stand Up Barrier Pouches

Designed for safety and security, these pouches are comprised of multiple layers of film to offer premium barrier protection for the contents inside, and exhibit a zipper specifically designed to keep children from being able to open them. Once heat sealed, the pouch is truly hermetically sealed.

These pouches are an innovative solution that, with full digital printing capabilities, are perfect for a visually appealing branded package for the rapidly growing food, medical and cannabis industries.

Child-Resistant Pouch 4 Mil

3.75" X 4 Flat - Gram
3.75" X 6" + 2BG SUP - 1/8 Ounce
4" X 7" + 2BG SUP - 1/4 Ounce
5" X 8" + 2.5BG SUP - 1/2 Ounce
6" X 10" + 2.5BG SUP - Ounce
12" x 9" + 4BG SUP - Exit Bag


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