Black Relyon Safety Zipper Bags


These Black Relyon Stand-Up OR Flat Safety Zipper Bags are certified child-resistant and labeled with instructions for adult use, making them ideal for cannabis products. The Relyon Safety Zipper Bag closure deters child access to content. Reylon Bags are tamper-evident when heat-sealed above the zipper. The 4 mil foil barrier controls oxygen and moisture to provide a long shelf life. Great for applications that require nitrogen flushing. The low moisture vapor transfer rate maintains shelf life protecting your flavor brand. The bottom gusset option allows the bag to stand up and expand for bulky items. Larger sizes are ideal for exit bag use. 


These Black Relyon Bags Meet the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, CFR Title 16, Part 1700. Includes Part 1700. 15 & 1700.20 for Poison Prevention Packaging. Complies with ASTM D3475 for child-resistant packaging.

Also available in White.

We Have A Variety Of Sizes In Stock, Please Review The List Below And Send Us A Request.

Black Relyon Stand-Up Safety Zip Bag - Exit

Item Number W x L +BG Usage Bags Per Ctn Lbs./Per Ctn
FP183-304B-Flat 3-3/4" x 4" Gram 1,000 8
-------- -------- -------- -------- --------
FP183-305B 3-3/4" x 6" +2" BG 1/8 Oz 1,000 12
FP183-306B 4" x 7.25" +2" BG 1/4 Oz 1,000 16
FP183-307B 5" x 8" +2.5" BG 1/2 Oz 1,000 22
FP183-307B 9" x 6" +3"BG 1 Oz 500 16.5
FP183-302B 12" x 9" +4"BG Exit Bag 500 29.5
FP183-303B 12" x 12" +4"BG Exit Bag 250 19


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