Biobag Compostable Liners

Biobag Compostable Liners are perfect for organic trash. Made from renewable raw materials of agricultural origin and non-genetically modified starch. Will completely break down in as little as 45 days when placed in a composting facility. Certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute. Meets ASTM D4600 specifications.

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Biobag Compostable Liners
Item No. Size WxL Can Size Qty per Ctn. Liners per Roll Lbs. per Ctn.
FP137-1-254A 22" x 29" 12-16 Gal. Cans 280 20 12.5 lbs.
FP137-1-255A 33" x 39" 32 Gal. Cans 120 10 12.5 lbs.
FP137-1-257A 35" x 43" 39 Gal. Cans 120 10 14.0 lbs.
FP137-1-259A 44 1/2" x 55" 55-60 Gal. Cans 80 10 14.5 lbs.


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