Wholesale Plastic Shrink Pallet Covers

It’s essential to protect your merchandise during storage and shipping. However, time is money. That’s why fast, easy shrink wrapping of your pallets is essential. Our plastic shrink pallet covers are on perforated rolls for fast, easy tear off and quick sealing.

Businesses turn to our plastic shrink pallet covers distributors because we offer:

  • A wide selection of covers of varying strengths, materials and thicknesses
  • Custom imprinting with your brand name
  • Customizable size and color options
  • Competitive prices
  • Fast, efficient service
  • Friendly, responsive client specialists

Protecting Your Merchandise

Every item damaged or spoiled by water, dirt, sun or other elements is lost profit. Theft and tampering of merchandise can also cost you money. If your merchandise arrives at a retailer or customer’s location with the pallet cover torn, that can be a reflection on you. That’s why our pallet covers come in a variety of strengths to meet your specific needs.

Pallets with Both UV Protection and Non-UV Protection

If your merchandise is going to be in the sun, you need wholesale plastic shrink pallet covers that will provide months of protection from damaging UV rays. Our wholesale plastic shrink pallet covers distributors also offer pallet covers without UV protection. All of our covers are transparent for easy identification of your merchandise.

Contact Our Plastic Shrink Pallet Covers Wholesale Distributor Today

Let us know how we can serve your needs. To talk with one of our client specialists about your company’s shrink pallet needs, call us or contact us online. If we don’t have precisely what you need, we can custom design it for you.

We also provide free samples to help you determine what is best for your merchandise. We want to be your go-to provider for wholesale plastic shrink pallet covers.