Wholesale Plastic Pallet Covers

Keep warehouse dust and dirt off of your products and safely under cover. With a large selection of wholesale plastic pallet covers, we know we’ve got what you are looking for. We offer anything from large gusseted bags to heavy-duty plastic from the plastic pallet covers wholesale distributors that you can trust. We’d love to talk to you about exactly what you need.

Warehouse Storage and Pallet Covers

When you are storing your company’s products or machinery, you don’t want it to be damaged or tarnished while waiting to be used or shipped out. Talk to our team about finding the right pallet storage covers for your business.

–       Industrial Strength – Plastic pallet covers bulk distributors use an industrial strength polyethylene that provides all the durability at an inexpensive cost.

–       Wide Selection Available – Depending on what you need you can find a selection of:

  • Poly cap dust covers to keep dust off of opened canisters and boxes
  • Shrink bags available on rolls for easy tear off
  • Bags with UVI additives to protect your products from the sun’s rays

–       Customizable Options – Talk to a wholesale plastic pallet covers distributors specialist about color options, brand printed plastic covers or specific sizes you might need. We would love to hear from you.


–       Samples Available – If you are not sure about the size, shape or durability ask us for a sample of the product. We ship out samples within 24-48 hours using First Class mail. We don’t want to leave you with any doubt about your product order.

Contact a Member of Our Team

Whether you need one-time use or re-usable covers for your pallet storage needs, we’ve got the wholesale plastic pallet covers you are looking for. If you have any ideas or need a custom cover, you can count on our team of plastic pallet covers wholesale distributors to help you design and develop the cover specifically to your needs. Don’t delay — call today!