Wholesale Plastic Laboratory bags

Keep Your Samples Safe with Lab Bags

You can collect, store and protect your samples with wholesale plastic laboratory bags. You have a wide variety to choose from to best fit your needs. We are proud to provide materials to a wide array of industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, medical, education and much more. With plastic laboratory bags whole distributors you can always count on being fully stocked!

Fully Stocked Selection

When you need biohazard plastic laboratory bags distributors that provide quality bags with customizable options, give us a call. Feel free to mix and match your order with any of our products, including:

  • Biohazard Zip bags – Multi-layered bags to keep specimens and paper work separate, these are top-quality wholesale plastic laboratory bags to have on hand. There are a few styles available to best suit your sample needs.
  • Leak-Proof Transport Bags – Reinforced, leak-proof seals will not allow the release of liquids during transport. Transport bags include an outside pouch to keep paper work and shipping address separate from the lab specimen.
  • Polyethylene Zipper Bags – Wholesale plastic laboratory bags distributors guarantee these bags meet OSHA labeling requirements regarding hazard symbols. These bags also use a multi-layer system to protect paperwork from accidental spillage.

Take a look at our complete product line and if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, contact a member of our team. We can design a custom bag that fits the exact requirements you need.

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When you need plastic laboratory bags whole distributors who bring you quality materials look no further. Not sure if what you see online is what you’ll get? We also send samples of our wholesale plastic laboratory bags upon request so that you can test them out first hand. Call now to talk to an associate about your product order. We can’t wait to help out!