Steel Polypropylene Strapping Cart

When you’re working hard to strap large packages, you need the right tools to make the job easier and more efficient. With a steel strapping cart from Flex Pack, you have everything you need within arm’s reach!

Strapping Carts

Our strapping carts are sturdy and durable and can be used with polypropylene, polyester or steel strapping. They also feature rubber and steel wheels and an automatic brake.

Of course, you’re going to need more than just a steel strapping cart if your job is to strap large packages. You also need the right tools nearby, and that’s why our carts come with a large tray for storing polypropylene strapping tools.

Since there are differences among our polypropylene strapping carts, give us a call and let us help you choose the right one for your needs. These tools are meant to make your job easier – not harder!

Strapping Tools

In addition to our strapping carts, Flex Pack also carries a wide assortment of strapping tools such as tensioners, cutters and steel strapping hooks. With nearly 30 years of experience in the plastic bag and shrink wrap industry, we know what types of tools are needed for proper packaging. After all, the packaging is only as good as the steel strapping system used!

Second-to-None Service

With our knowledge and appreciation for plastic bags and shrink wrap, you can count on Flex Pack for the highest quality strapping tools. What sets us apart from other companies that sell polypropylene strapping hooks, however, is our customer service.

Many companies take for granted that customers know what they’re looking for, when really, strapping tools could use a better explanation. Let our team help you choose the right polypropylene strapping cart that will save you time and money, plus improve the efficiency of your operations.

At Flex Pack, we love meeting new people and talking to our customers! Give us a call today to explore your options for a steel strapping cart!