Reclosable Ziplock Poly Bags with Pouch

These zippered plastic poly bags are perfect for a variety of product packaging. The pouch on the front of the reclosable bag then provides a divider/organizer to keep materials intact but not in direct contact with each other. This gives you the opportunity to customize inserts without having to customize each bag. These bags are available in both .002 mil and .004 mil thickness and multiple sizes.

Use the chart below to find the size you’re looking for. Still don’t see what you need? Give us a call at 1-800-353-9125, we are here to help! Custom packaging is our specialty!

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Reclosable Bags with Pouch
Item No. Size Mil Quantity Color
FP270-4-114A 3" x 5" .002 1000 Bags/Cs Clear
FP270-4-116A 4" x 4" .002 1000 Bags/Cs Clear
FP270-4-122A 5" x 7" .002 1000 Bags/Cs Clear
FP270-4-129A 6" x 9" .002 1000 Bags/Cs Clear
FP270-4-133A 8" x 10" .002 1000 Bags/Cs Clear
FP274-6-117A 4" x 6" .004 1000 Bags/Cs Clear
FP274-6-122A 5" x 7" .004 1000 Bags/Cs Clear
FP274-6-129A 6" x 9" .004 1000 Bags/Cs Clear
FP274-6-133A 8" x 10" .004 1000 Bags/Cs Clear
FP274-6-135A 9" x 12" .004 500 Bags/Cs Clear


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