Metallic Static Shielding Zipper Bags without Imprint

For maximum protection against static charges both inside and out, our Metallic Static shielding bags are an excellent option. This zipper style allows reusability and the thick polyethylene inner layer not only suppresses static but resists punctures and tears, even with repeated usage. These bags come with no imprinting. Both standard and custom sizes are available. Please contact us if you don’t’ see what you need in the chart below.

REQUEST A QUOTE:Use the table below, call 1-800-353-9125. Custom Printing Available!

Metallic Static Shielding Zipper Bags without Imprint
Item No. Size Mil Weight Quantity
FP108-5-51A 3" x 5" .0031 1 Lbs/Pkg 100 Qty/Pkg
FP108-5-52A 4" x 6" .0031 1.5 Lbs/Pkg 100 Qty/Pkg
FP108-5-53A 6" x 8" .0031 2 Lbs/Pkg 100 Qty/Pkg
FP108-5-54A 6" x 10" .0031 2.5 Lbs/Pkg 100 Qty/Pkg
FP108-5-57A 10" x 13" .0031 4.5 Lbs/Pkg 100 Qty/Pkg


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