Reclosable Bubble Bags

These bags have a layer of bubble wrap incased with two layers of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) resin. They are both smooth inside and out. Triple layered reclosable Bubble bags are ideal for items that:
  • Are of Medium weight
  • Need extra protection
  • Must remain dust free

Our bags are printed with “Reusable-Do Not Discard” message in red. Custom printing also available.

REQUEST A QUOTE:Use the table below, call 1-800-353-9125. Custom Printing Available!

Reclosable Bubble Bags
Item No. Size Mil Weight Quantity
FP7640L 4" x 6" .003 3.0 Lbs./Pkg. 50 Qty/Pkg
FP7645L 6" x 8" .003 3.0 Lbs./Pkg. 50 Qty/Pkg
FP7650L 8" x 10" .003 5.0 Lbs./Pkg. 50 Qty/Pkg
FP2757CV 10" x 12" .003 7.0 Lbs./Pkg. 50 Qty/Pkg
FP2765CV 12" x 12" .003 9.0 Lbs./Pkg. 50 Qty/Pkg


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