Clear Salvage Drum Liners

Often called Salvage Drum Liners, these liners have a thickness of .008 Mil for heavy-duty use, however, this is not a guarantee they’ll be leak proof. They are perfect for keeping salvage and recovery drums clean and reusable. Drums are immediately ready for use after liners are removed.
For proper ordering, we ask you to measure across the opening of the bag for the width, the fully extended gusset for depth and from the opening to the bottom for your length. Drum liners meet FDA and USDA specifications for food contact and are available in 55 and 85-gallon sizes.

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Clear Salvage Drum Liners
Item No. Size Mil Weight Quantity Color Gal
FP22-9-01A 24" x 20" x 72" .008 43.0 Lbs./Ctn. 25 Clear 85
FP22-9-02A 22" x 16" x 65" .008 67.0 Lbs./Ctn. 50 Clear 55


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