Biotuf Compostable Bags

Biotuf Compostable Bags are ideal to use to divert food waste, grass or yard clippings and other organic matter to composting facilities. Bags will deteriorate into compost along with the contents. Certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute and meets ASTM D6400 specifications.

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Biotuf Compostable Bags
Item Number Size Can Size Qty. per Ctn. Lbs. per Ctn.
FP137-1-02A 30" x 39" 30 Gal. 125 17.0 lbs.
FP137-1-04A 34" x 48" 32 Gal. 100 17.0 lbs.
FP137-1-06A 42" x 48" 48 Gal. 100 20.0 lbs.
FP137-1-08A 47" x 60" 64 Gal. 100 29.5 lbs.


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