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Bubble bags from Flexible Packaging come with standard 3/16″ bubbles for superior cushioning and impact protection when shipping items, however we do offer custom bubble sizes of (5/16” and ½”)

Bubble bags come with a number of opening and closure options:

Self-seal for securing contents
Flush cut open ends
Reusable many times over

Bags are smooth on the inside with bubbles on the outside (bubbles-out), except for the Triple-Layered Reclosable Bubble Bags which are smooth outside and inside. Triple-Layer Bubble Bags can also be custom printed with your logo and/or text.

We offer these bubble Bag options:

Self-Seal Bubble Bags
Flush-Cut Open-End Bubble Bags
Triple Layered Reclosable Bubble Bags

If you don’t see what you need and require a custom bubble bag solution, we can do that too. Please call us today at 1-800-353-9125.


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