Pallet Plastic Shrink Wrap Covers

The proper packaging is crucial to the safety and protection of your shipments. If you feel that you could benefit from new or different pallet shrink wrap covers, Flex Pack is happy to help! For nearly three decades, we have been providing customers with shrink wrapping and bags of all types and sizes. Our customer service is second to none – and our products are, too!

Shrink Wrap for Industrial Settings

At Flex Pack, we offer plastic shrink wrap for pallets with UV protection and without. If you need to keep your products safe from the sun, our shrink pallet covers with UVI will be highly beneficial to your needs. Thanks to an additive, your products receive up to six months of UV protection.

Both pallet shrink wrap covers are made from low density material that provide amazing protection from the elements, including dust, dirt and moisture. The covers are see-through so there’s no guessing as to what’s inside, and all covers can be printed with a custom logo.

We encourage you to browse through the sizes we have available to see if we have what you need. If you still have questions or don’t see pallet plastic shrink wrap in your size, give us a call and we’ll help!

Why Flex Pack Will Meet Your Needs

Flex Pack specializes in plastic bags, shrink wrap and flexible packaging. It’s what we do, and we do it well. Our service is friendly and personable, and many of customers tell us that we make shopping for shrink wrap packaging for pallets fun!

Here are a few reasons why we are confident that we can meet your needs for plastic shrink wrap for pallets:

  • Free samples and quotes
  • Fast shipping
  • Custom orders
  • Extensive stock, including hard-to-find bags
  • Friendly, down-to-earth customer service
  • All products made in the USA
  • Flexible payment options

Flex Pack is your one-stop source for pallet shrink wrap covers with or without UV protection! Give us a call and get your free quote and sample!