UVI Rated Puncture Resistant Woven Bags

Polypropylene bags are highly versatile and used for a variety of needs such as erosion control, flooding and storing dry foods. If you are looking for a great selection of UVI rated polypropylene bags at economical prices, count on Flex Pack to meet your needs. We look forward to serving you!

What are the Advantages of Using Polypropylene Bags?

Unlike paper or plastic bags, polypropylene bags are puncture resistant. This is one of their best qualities and the reason why they are used for dry goods such as grains, seeds, pet food, fertilizer, animal feed, and other products. You can just imagine what would happen if a large bag of rice split open! Puncture resistant woven polypropylene bags solve this problem!

Also, poly bags work well in highly flooded areas because they keep moisture out. They can even serve as excellent sand-filled barriers.

Are all Poly Bags the Same in Quality?

Not all woven poly bags are created equal. Some are better quality than others, and some contain an additive that makes them resistant to UV light. If this is what you’re in need of, the UVI rated polypropylene bags from Flex Pack will meet your expectations. Our bags are so durable, they can be used for heavy shipping of oversized parts and odd-sized materials.

How Can Polypropylene Bags Save Me Money?

In addition to convenience, puncture resistant woven polypropylene bags can save you money. From the start, these bags are economical, and the more you buy, the more you can save. These bags won’t tear and cause you to lose any of your goods, so you can ensure that your product gets to where it needs to safely and securely.

Lastly, because you are able to be more efficient with getting a product out and not having to make bag loss claims, tear resistant woven polypropylene bags can improve business operations.

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